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22nd September 2007

2:00pm: Karma
Our neighbors are FINALLY moving out. They were the worst neighbors in history. Granted, they didn't live next door for very long (maybe two months) but we think that they were still in high school or maybe just out and they were incredibly obnoxious. Ben and I came home this afternoon from the farmer's market and they were loading up the last dude's stuff into a U-Haul truck. And he was talking about how his parents were going to help him unload it when he got home. HAHAHAHA!!! He couldn't hack it in the grown up world. Hilarious.
It's going to be a fantastic day. I am making Irish Carbombs for myself and Wesley tonight because he's never had one. FUN! I love getting him drunk.
Current Mood: bouncy

21st September 2007

10:53pm: Happy Friday!!
My first entry! I have so much to say. Lots has been going on. I just got married in May and I am still loving married life. My husband is the greatest and he is and will forever be my best friend and partner in crime. We moved to Cullman, AL from Birmingham this spring and I love it here. I thought that I would be homesick forever, but I'm really not. I have made some really good friends and I am loving the small town life. It's weird to know most of the people in town and recognize people everywhere we go. And I still do really miss Cincinnati, especially my friends, but moving so far away from home has truly been a great adventure. I honestly think it brought Ben and I much closer together-we went through the worst of times in Birmingham together (getting robbed, job drama, etc) and it only strengthened our relationship. It was after all the drama that we realized we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. We grew up a lot since we left Ohio.
I just LOVE Friday nights. I have worked so many jobs where I had to be there ALL weekend and it sucked. I'm definitely not happy in my professional life now, but at least I have weekends off! And I made an important decision concerning my future this past week. I have been toying with the idea of going back to nursing school for, well since I quit nursing school. I have decided to go back to school to become a lab tech. Ben and I have a friend (also a neighbor) who is a lab tech and he has a fantastically sweet job. Best of all, he does more testing than dealing with stupid people all day. I LOVE that. I ran the idea by him and he agreed to help me through. He still has ALL his notes and books from his classes, and he offered to tutor me. How awesome is that?? Hopefully I will start back in the spring and get started with microbiology and actually make some headway into becoming a full-blown grown up. Scary. I never thought I would have a REAL job, a REAL house, or a husband. Also, Ben and I are thinking about having one last great adventure before starting a family. We both would like to go to China for several months and work in the hospital. I could learn the ropes of lab tech without actually having a degree there, and we know several Chinese doctors, so we have a great "in".
Okay, I am going to go relax now and get the weekend officially started! Happy Friday, everyone!
Current Mood: excited
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